+55 (42) 3220-3400

Peering Policy


UEPG uses ASN 53046 and operates an academic network.

Peering Information

ASN: 53046
PeeringDB: https://www.peeringdb.com/net/4329
Prefix limit IPv4: 30
Prefix limit IPv6: 10

NOC Contact

NOC Email: noc@uepg.br
Peering/Policy contact: redes@uepg.br
Phone (8×5 BRT -0300): +55 42 3220 3434
iNOC-DBA: 53046*100
Main site: www.uepg.br

Peering Policy

Open peering policy.
We participate in MLPA on all Intetnet Exchanges where we have connectivity:


We keep our aut-num, as-set, route and route6 objects updated on both IRR TC and UEPG IXP IRR base through MAINT-AS53046.

whois -h irr.uepg.br AS53046
whois -h irr.net.br AS53046

whois -h irr.uepg.br AS-UEPG
whois -h irr.net.br AS-UEPG

whois -h irr.uepg.br -i origin AS53046
whois -h irr.net.br -i origin AS53046

IRR Explorer


Network Tools

Network tools: https://lg.uepg.br
Looking glass: https://lg.uepg.br/lg
Speedtest: https://lg.uepg.br/speedtest
Speedtest.net: https://uepg.speedtest.net


UEPG Internet Exchange

UEPG also operates a regional Internet Exchange in the city of Ponta Grossa through ASN 61600.
For more information, visit https://ix.uepg.br (currently in Portuguese only).


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